Thinking of selling your games on Steam?

Have you ever think about develop your own game and sell it on the market? What about selling such game on Steam? If you ever consider such option, here are some useful tips that may help you to successfully launch your game on Steam:

  1. Steam is the most popular PC game distribution platform

When it comes to PC games, Valve and Steam managed to establish themselves as leaders in PC game distribution. But, before you make a definite decision to launch your game on Steam, let us first look at some interesting details. While there are some games that are selling really, really good, the most of PC games are falling in category below 20.000 copies sold on Steam, that makes average of 32.000 copies sold in total. If you know this statistics, it may help you to calculate realistic plan and focus on making profitable game, rather than expensive, lucrative game that will not be able to cover its own costs of production.

  1. Geography is important!

Before you venture into developing your game, be sure to check where your game will be selling. When it comes to Steam, almost 50% of all sales come from Northern America, 20% from Europe and the rest is divided with Asia and other regions. In other words, try to focus on games that are suited for western gamers, anime and manga themes would not be well received. From other side, one of the most profitable markets in nearby future will be China, as it slowly opens for game developers, so it may be your big chance for success! To get an idea, just start steam wallet code generator and grab some similar game from store, look for translation options and apply such ideas into your game.

  1. Translate your game

Outside the English speaking audience many players will not play your game if it is not dubbed in their native language. Steam offers such options, so it is wise idea to translate your game on Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese language as the most non-western players comes from those countries. Chose a right game niche and one very important point – do not try to clone a game! Recently, game cloning or remodeling become very popular, but on long run it cannot bring solid profit and may and in a good game that is too similar to many other games and therefore nobody want to buy it! If you manage to have original concept and solid technical support for your game, you will earn much more on the long run.

  1. Connect with Steam community

If you are thinking about launching a game on a Steam, know that the community is the most important aspect of entire platform. You can turn that in your advance; offer them special access, free steam wallet codes, extra content or bonuses. If you manage to get attention of community and get their positive vote, you may be almost sure that game will also be a huge success.